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“A happy customer is the best advertisement”
Yes, with almost all our work coming to us by referrals, it is these seven words that sum up our advertising philosophy.


Not the promises we make,
But the ones we deliver on.
Not the guarantee we give,
But the one we honour.
Not our aspirations,
But our accomplishments.
Not what we plan to do,
But our track record.

It’s with this fact in mind that we at PAVEMAN invest more money, time and resources each year in offering our customers the most comprehensive and competitive package in Quality, Price and Service.

In today’s arena of professional sports, competitors in various fields of endeavor improve their chance of winning competitions by ‘seeding’ as high as possible. How high you seed depends on how well you have done in previous competitions – your track record.

Exactly the same principles apply to business. No tolerance for ‘One Match Wonders’. Customers want to see ‘Consistency in Form’. We can believe you because you have done it a 1000 times before. No empty, idle promises that fail to materialize.

“See our boards in your area”
“A good artisan needs no salesman”
Yes, for every R 1 extra you pay the ‘artisan’, it’s R 2 less you need to pay the salesman.

Our advertising is focused directly at those who are in need of our services. The money and resources that would be spent on expensive advertising is rather channeled more cost-effectively on a daily basis into maintaining and even improving where possible the highest standards of quality and service our customers have become used to over the years.

Our sites, staff and vehicles are therefore always clearly marked.
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Quintin van Wyk
Managing member and Owner
The passion and pride with which we run our business is reflected in the way we maintain our vehicles. Here are some examples:

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