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Here is a short list of details that make the “Big Difference”:

  1. 99% of our work is reference work. (Q,S)
  2. No commissions on quotations.(P)
  3. No sub-contractors. (P,Q,S)
  4. No franchise fees. (P)
  5. No deposits (unless otherwise specified).
  6. Larger volume purchases allow access to a wider range of top quality materials at the best prices. (Q,P,S)
  7. More jobs, more vehicles, more teams allow us to service more customers in more places, more frequently. (Q,P,S)
  8. Operating all processes from under one roof allows for autonomy, organization, congruency and synchronization. (Q,P,S)
  9. We utilize a ‘Cost Plus’ pricing structure rather than a ‘Market Driven’ one, which has obvious advantages for both parties. It is a synergistic win/win formula that ensures you the best deal and ensures us an increased market share. (Q,P,S)
  10. Our employees enjoy well above average remuneration packages, working conditions and benefits, as well as working opportunities and environment. The extremely low staff turnover through the years is testimony to this fact. We therefore have been able to maintain and secure services of the finest artisans in the trade.

Above, the symbols Q, P and S have been incorporated in brackets to indicate how the quality, price and service aspects respectively are positively influenced in these various scenarios.

The above list is a synopsis of the ten main considerations only.


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